Is The Department Of Justice Winning The War Of The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act?


Lots of in the online gambling industry had been falsely led to think that the The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was all bark no bite. Since then the section of justice has begun to take a bite from the business. It All Began using the revelation of eWalletexpress, then the seizures of banks in New York State and Washington State followed by anemia of Citadel Commerce and GlobalATM. Now the internet gaming business is concerned the section of justice is serious about enforcing the Betting behave.

In November 2010, eWalletexpress situs poker online their funds and balances captured by the United States Government as part of a confidential evaluation. They said that now they’ve begun negotiating with the government about getting their funds back. Only at that time around eWalletXpress is still unable to access those funds or return them to the players as the money continues to be not within their control or custody. This means a lot of Online players and online betting web sites have had their money tied up for over half of a year without ending insight. Online players are furious with both the Department Of Justice and eWalletexpress.

These were found to be in violation of the Federal Wire Act of 1961 because on the web gaming is outlawed in the state of Washington. This changes greatly from other ailments since it was not a direct result of this The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Same thing at nyc State, Allied Systems and Account Services found their assets captured also. Their owner has been blessed enough to negotiate a settlement less than half of the allowed funds and then abandoned the nation. Again where does this leave the internet players and their dollars. Out of luck may be the answer.

Citadel Commerce had their funds seized straight back in 2007 at the Department Of Justice. It unclear what has happened in this event of course, if the web players received their cash again. Recently, GlobalATM or ECHECK, an online payment processor, is now offline and isn’t able to be contacted. Its a puzzle exactly what happened if the Department Of Justice seized them or else they went out of business. Either way several online gamblers received checks which bounced and had to find different methods to get their funds whenever they can easily get them at all.

It is not hard to see from above that the department of justice is starting to win many struggles and possibly the war of this Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The gambling industry does not realize the war has begun and this is the reason why their losing many battles. On the web US Casino players and US Poker players could be hard pressed to locate fund processors very soon.

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