Gambling with the US Government’s Problem


The recent arrest of David Carruthers, CEO of BetOnSports in Dallas, Texas, on his way to changing plans, costa Rica, US government raises some serious questions between gamblers who use offshore sportsbooks, and professional gaming advisors who recommend offshore books like myself.

This happened on Sunday the 16th of July, and the only shut-down of a series of sportsbooks owned by his organization, it promoted the highly touted Bo Dog Sports and Gaming Convention to be held in Las Vegas, which I attended the following week. Oh how Uncle Sam loves to stick his nose into something that he doesn’t have control of, simply because the US government has no way to tax proceeds from the States offshore books and poker rooms, that is the KEY in this entire scenario, have NO doubts about it poker pulsa.

There were 10 others under “sports bets on conspiracy to take money.” To my knowledge, and research, Carruthers is not a US citizen, and he is the highest profile offender, as is the case with the other 10 arrested parties. There was also a federal grand jury in the United States on his books and gambling properties. This raises serious concerns for many of us as a whole, and for sports bettors whose accounts are currently frozen, the long term for legal proceedings in the Tied Up I would assume.

The bottom line is simple here. The US government has more than enough problems on their hands, driving the economy into the ground, escalating gas prices, a war in Iraq costing bills daily, not to mention American lives, and they have no business digging another hole. harm than good How many small 3rd world countries are fighting them with more money and backing than an industry with a non-US citizen?

The US Government turns a blind eye to gambling when it benefits them. Revenues from the State and National Lotteries in the State of Tennessee, and the State of Nevada and the Atlantic City from the Revenues. All of a sudden, they realize that they are on the boat for a multi-billion dollar gambling industry offshore, fueled by the vast majority of Americans, so instead of devising a way to work with the government offshore states as unclaimed income, to get their piece of the pie, they’ll just call them criminals and arrest them. The highest levels of greed and corruption on a government fueled by another colossal blunder. Go to some good in the world, feed the homeless, give the VA hospitals the money you need to fight for this trumped-up charge of the war veterans who have been out for months.

Am a patriotic? Hell yes I am, however infringements on the rights of individual US citizens who CHOOSE to gamble offshore in a country where it is licensed and legal in no way is the government’s business in my opinion. Even worse, the arrest of a non-US citizen, who is a CEO of an international company, on the stock exchange in London, has been replaced by an extreme measure of right-winged policies. Did you know it is legal to call a bookie and bet $ 100 on the Packers? You can’t get arrested, BUT take the guy and get the bet. When the same guy calls for an offshore sportsbook to make the same bet, it is a LEGAL book that takes that bet as action, since the book is offshore and licensed and regulated by the government of that country. A fine line that needs to be determined, and this case may very well affect the way things are in the near future.

Have NO doubts, sports drives on gambling ALL sports in this country with TV ratings, direct TV sales, Las Vegas Sportsbooks, and many other tangible items to mention. I suggest a call to arms in the fight to eliminate offshore books, Poker Rooms, and casino’s by the US Government. I have all my state senators and congressmen, and I suggest you all do the same to this very important issue and the right we all have in jeopardy.

Tony George is a documented member of the Professional Handicappers League.

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