How to Become a Profitable Poker Player?


There are more and more sites on the net, where we can find information about places, where to play poker. But there are no places, no matter how written, how to play with success. So I decided to publish my opinion, which will help new poker players get success.

Choosing the poker room pkv games.

There are many of the poker rooms – how do you choose the best for yourself? Definitely you have some important things to pay attention to, that describes the poker room. One of the most important things for new players is the amount of freerolls in this room and the amount of possible winnings in these freerolls. I can advise some poker rooms, which have closed freerolls with password (for example, iPoker rooms Titan and CD poker. Sometimes it is really easy to get into these closed freerolls – just use Google, write the tour name and you will find some forums Some of the sites in the register will get freeroll’s password.

The next important thing is the strength of your opponents. The ‘easiest beaten’ players can find you on the Pacific, iPoker, Ongame, Carbon poker, Cake poker, Bodog poker rooms.

But if we want something from the opponents we can learn something. I can advise you Fulltiltpoker and Pokerstars rooms. When choosing a poker room, you have to watch for RakeBack (RB is not only for RakeBacks, but bonuses, promotions either), speed of deposits / withdrawals, support, software opportunities, room security etc.

To sum up everything about choosing poker room, I advice to the MTT and SNG players Pokerstars, Partypoker, Ongame, but for cash games lovers Pacific and iPoker.

Simple MTT strategy ..

If we watch the game, where is the minimum limits (1 $ -5 $), we can see many obvious mistakes ..

One of the biggest mistakes of a game is the position of not playing middle and low strength cards. A9, AK, KJ, Q8 with hands in the middle of the tournament (UTG), Middle position (MP), and most of all, Late Position (LP). . These kind of cards can be played by players, which are not sure about their postflop play.

So, where is the problem ?! For example: we have called UTG + 1 with A9, so together we have flop with 2 other players (MP and BB), in flop we see A83 (rainbow) .We are happy, because we have top pair already . When BB checks, we make bet in size of pot, MP calls, BB folds. In the turn we see 4 and continue to bet on the size of the pot, but MP does ALL-in the same time. We have left only some chips and we call. MP shows us A10 and tour for us is over. Because of this and other similar situation we do not play with those hands. There are only some hands, when we can raise all the time like AA, KK, QQ, AK. About 10 other hands on I can write about 10 A4 format papers, so I will just remember the main things, what you have to consider. The most important moment is where we find ourselves in the flop of other players. We are interested, that we are in the last making bets, so we can decide about the strength of opponents hands.

For example: MP against LP is not in position, but MP against SB is in position. My advice is to not use the Call button, Raise or fold instead of that. In The Preflop Doing Raise We Get Rid Of Middle And Weak Hands, But In The Flop Doing Raise We Can Easily See How Strong Cards Players Have. About the Perfect Statement The Preflop — If your hand is not good enough to raise, then fold it. In My Opinion, There Are Only Two Exceptions Calling In Preflop.

Small (22-55) and middle (66-99) pocket pairs. I advise you to call, because if we catch the set (which happens every 7.5 times), we will earn big money, and there will be many players left. And that’s just because we had our own hand and no one would think about our strong hand. Set is the hand, from which we can get the maximum.

If We Have Two Diamonds And Flop We See 3 Diamonds Together (Flush Together), then our opponents will definitely not, because they are afraid, that someone has Flush. But if we have a set, then no one will be able to do that.

The same suit with the second-we call (56s, 67s, 78s). In Multipot (Pot where many players have called), the strength of these hands raises, because sometimes there are situations, when one player calls with AJ, the other with Q10, the third with J10, the fourth with Q10 and our 67s The flop in good. The best Middle Connectors quality is that you can connect with the flop like Pocket pairs and that brings us money.

To sum up low-level strategy, we only have good-hands with mind-play, play only from the position, play aggressive in preflop and flop, look for opponents tendencies, use bluff rarely, after analyze your mistakes.

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